Grooming Essentials 2023, How to Ward off Bad Foot Odour?

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Grooming Essentials 2023:

You all must have experienced bad odour of feet (of not only others, but your own as well) at one point or the other. This can get embarrassing at times especially if you to take of your shoes where someone is around or even at home, taking off shoes when your partner is present in the room may make matters awkward.   

If this is the matter with you, it will require immediate your attention as in most cases, you can get rid of bad odour of foot with right habits.

Why Foot Care is Important?

It is an understandable essential of men’s grooming as it not only causes embarrassment but is also a matter of your wellbeing. Taking care of foot hygiene is as important as you maintain other aspects of hygiene and grooming. The way you take shower every day and brush your teeth daily to maintain hygiene oral hygiene, foot hygiene is as important for you.      

What causes extremely smelly feet?        

In most cases if not for a condition that requires expert’s intervention, when your feet are covered in shoes and socks for a big part of the day, moisture starts retaining due to perspiration, which cause accumulation of bacteria that produces bad smell.

If not taken care of properly, it will not only conditions, but will also build you reputation of a man who people would not want to be around, especially while taking off shoes.

How to control foot odour naturally?

In case, you are wondering how you can control foot odour naturally, thankfully it is not that difficult. With thoughtful and healthy practices you can make this happen easily.

Proper Foot Hygiene:

This one is common sense but still most neglected part in this regard. Most gentlemen confuse hygienic foot care routine with just letting water drain their feet while taking shower, while in fact, it is beyond that.

Proper foot wash including in between fingers with a good soap or body wash, regular nail clipping, occasional foot scrubbing and foot cream application together makes for a routine that takes care of your foot hygiene.

Pick Right Fabric of Socks in Every Season:

Even if you are wearing socks to protect your feet from weather extremities or to provide a cushion from hard shoe soles, try getting socks that are made of light materials.

Wash your Socks Regularly:

It would be wise to own multiple pair of socks so you do not have to repeat without washing. But if that is not in your budget right now, then no matter how tired you are, wash your socks every day with a detergent to drain away all taped in moisture and bacteria to have a fresh and clean pair the next day.

Dry your Feet:

We can understand the early morning hustle you might be going through and time constraints while getting ready in time, but nothing is above your well-being. Never forget to completely dry off your feet before putting socks and shoes if don’t want to begin your day on a wrong note in terms of personal hygiene.

Shoe Cleaning:

In any case, your shoes will retain some level of moisture in it. So, it is advisable to put shoes in sunlight to let it dry naturally if not daily, at least once a week. You can rotate different pair of shoes for that matter.

These are not just grooming essentials, but an important aspect of basic hygiene which should be followed by one and all for a healthy lifestyle. Remember, a well groomed man will never compromise on essentials which can cause discomfort to others.

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