How the Power of these Micro Habits can Positively Transform your Life

Micro Habits:

What is the Power of Micro habits?

You might have heard of the phrase “Good things come in small packages.” Micro Habits are those small packages since they are not hard to begin with and easy to stay consistent at and are extremely powerful with their outcome. Have you ever noticed what good you are missing in your life and how you can bring a tremendously positive influence if you start taking these small steps in your routine.

These are three Micro Habits that might have skipped your notice but are of remarkable significance.

Creating a wish/bucket list:

It may seem arduous task to many but you cannot take for granted the magical power of jolting down your yearnings in a list. It is practically impossible to witness someone who does not have some wishes they want to get in their life.

It may be getting a certain degree and getting a particular job or you may have a desire to visit a picturesque location. Or you may aspire to start your own business. It can be anything or many things as a matter of fact. Just right it down on a piece of paper, or somewhere where you can come across the list multiple times a day.

Once done, write down how you can achieve that.  Break it down into small tasks in order. Now you don’t have one big unattainable dream. Here you have some manageable, small tasks that you can work on gradually at your pace and take your time (but with consistency.) These small achievements will manoeuvre you towards your ultimate goal or destination.         

Become responsible before it gets hard

Life may seem sorted for now. You are enrolled at one the best universities, you are sure to acquire place at highest paying multi-national organization, you are happy with your love life, but you can never trust time. With ups, there are downs.

At early stage of your life, especially when you are student, you have more energy and you have lesser responsibilities. But life may all of a sudden throw you in a situation which you are acquainted with. There comes your experience of handling uncertainties and how responsibly you have been living your life.

Take pandemic for instance, who could have thought of life going upside down completely. People suffered unimaginably. And no one could blame anyone. No one could make out initially what exactly is going on and how to handle this situation.

Still the repercussions and aftermaths of this traumatic experience are haunting millions of people across the globe. Those who lost loved ones have suffered a loss which is irretrievable. Businesses which flipped and are not able to get back now will take time and that time will be challenging.

There is no exact groundwork to handle uncertainties. But one thing that helps almost in every situation in life is the habit of being responsible with patience. If you have become responsible before life tries to break you, it will be easier for you get through challenging times.

Spend ten times lesser then you earn, save wisely, Invest, leave lesser carbon footprint, stop using non-recyclable materials, and try to take care of those who needs to be taken care of. All this will induce a sense of responsibility in you at a young age which will definitely be handy in future.          

Develop a habit of exercising, meditating and incorporating greens in our diet.

Before we begin, a little disclaimer that this one has nothing to do with physical appearance or the obsession of getting abs, but let’s be honest, the rest of us are either so occupied in our work/studies or too lazy to make exercise a habit.

But this sluggishness may incur a loss in future. As much as moving our body is important, it is imperative we get some fresh air and sunlight (must use sunscreen in this case) to let out bodies function well.

Try removing some time in a day to do some physical activity apart from work. Take that good old advice of opting for stairs instead of elevators; walking up to the nearest places instead of using vehicles and you will feel the difference.

Meditation may seem like a skill you need to hone, but you can always start with something as humble as breathing exercise. Just sit in a comfortable environment; preferably early in the morning when there is no noise or other distraction, lose your body and slowly inhale and exhale breathe. Do this practise for 5 to 10 minutes a day and you will notice the wonders it does for you.   

Mindful Eating:

Lastly, As much as your burgers, fried chicken and fries tantalize your taste buds, you must be aware that the only thing getting benefit from junk food is your taste buds. There is nothing much good this food is doing to for your body.

Now that you are young and can (apparently) get away with all that, this too has repercussion as you age. Developing a habit of incorporating vegetables, especially green one will take you far ahead in life in good health and shape. And this routine too needs early run through in life.      

Nevertheless, if you haven’t already, it’s never too late to lean on towards a wholesome tendency. All you need is discipline and consistency to catch up on what good you have missed yet.

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