How Ranveer Singh’s eclectic fashion sense is conveying a powerful subliminal message

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Image Courtesy: Ranveer Singh’s Instagram Handle

Ranveer Singh the golden boy of Bollywood, agree or not; has a magical touch. Right from getting a dream launch by Yash Raj Films in movies with his debut movie “Band Baaja Baaraat.” in 2010, to “Jayeshbhai Jordaar,” look at the variety of work he has offered to his audience and the adaptability he has in his craft.

From a common man to an Emperor, an affluent boy next door to a struggler, he essays every role convincingly and flawlessly. The niche he has carved for himself and the box office command he has is definitely commendable.

Not only for his movies, he is a popular star amongst his fans for more than that. From his crazy sense of humour to his eclectic fashion sense, he is always in the notice of one and all.

His dressing sense has always been labelled with various adjectives. Some call it crazy, others call it quirky. And there are ones who find it cool and liberating. After all the idea of fashion is to be who you are and feel comfortable in what you wear.

It is also quite new-fangled for the people as they have always seen male film actors in very safe choices and colours. But the flamboyant cuts, silhouettes and bright colours which we get to see on Ranveer is not a run-of-the-mill sight. He can give even regular clothes his own twist which brings distinctiveness.

It’s not about just the clothes but the attitude which he carries his looks with which is quite unapologetic. It doesn’t look like he cares of opinions.

But there is another perspective besides the visual attention it gets for inimitability that must be appreciated. His dressing sense besides giving him attention, also delivers a very sturdy message in a subtle way that how dressing sense and in general fashion cannot be categorised for gender and positions. If a CEO choses to wear a pink suit but has capability to handle his team and business wisely, he should not be judged for just the choice of colour he chooses to wear.

And by no means are we trying to advocate that discipline, rules and dress codes are not supposed to be followed. Ranveer Singh can choose to wear what he does because his profession gives him that liberty. But if you are a part of a profession where dress code is a part of that profession’s discipline protocol, you must go ahead with that.

But the crux of this discourse is if someone else has that liberty to do what you are not in position of, just don’t judge. In fact being critical of someone’s choices can be an indication of intolerance.

There are many people out there who want to dress in a way that society finds unusual. Just because there is something that is not fathomable by you does not mean there is no space for that. People are unique in their own way and we all have choices. Celebrities, predominantly film actors have a global reach. They influence public probably more than anyone else.

When a common man witness them walking the same path they want to, it makes them feel connected and somehow accepted. It is heart-warming to see someone like Ranveer Singh pushing the envelope of standards of dressing set by the society and making it indorsed to be one’s own self in all ways possible.

These baby steps can lead us to a free and tolerant world to live in where our focuses would be on ourselves and not on who does what. This way it would be easy to bring the best out of us. That will be flourishing for sure.

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