6 Best Accessories for a Polished Look of Men that are also Functional

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The importance of accessories in Men’s fashion industry has now been realized more than ever. Men of this World know the defining role of these essentials that elevate their style from head to toe and which has potential to make or break a look.

Known to be the “finishing touches,” if not overdone can make style a look extraordinarily. Accessories also define your individuality as a stylish man who intelligently knows what he can take from men’s fashion.

Important Fashion Accessories for Men:

The range of men’s accessories has widened with time. Here we shall mention a detailed list of men’s accessories and their role in defining a fashionable and stylish man’s look.

Wrist watch:

We have dedicated an entire article to the dynamic role of watch in men’s wardrobe and its evolution in men’s fashion industry, but would like to start off with this here as well.

Wrist watch is probably the most customary and classic accessory in a man’s wardrobe. If chosen the right one, even one piece can last you for a lifetime.

We endorse the purposefulness in accessories besides them serving as fashion statement. And the functionality of a wrist watch makes it a good investment. With so many latest options like smart watches that gives you option to get integrated with your phone and track your fitness as well, it is safe to say that the functionality of a wrist watch is as unmatched as its appeal.    

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Gone are the days when carrying a back was expected to be a feminine style. Now with backpacks, it has been made easier for men to carry their essentials at one place. Especially with laptopa becoming a necessity of work which is not practically possible to fit in a pocket, a bag makes for an essential accessory.

There are many sleek and stylish bags option for men which not only serves functionality, but also adds to touch of style to your look. Leaving for a casual outing, backpack or a messenger bag will suit best and if leaving for a business related interaction, a briefcase is the formal option for you.      

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Another must accessory that is mandatory not just in styling, but for its purpose as well. While selecting a shoe, look for comfort besides style and never compromise on quality. Your feet spend most of your walking time confined in shoes, so it better be a comfortable shoe which does not obstruct your physical activity.

As far as look of it is concerned, sneakers, loafers, boots, sandals are some of the formal and casual options. Chose according to your need and lifestyle and have some regular options in your wardrobe that can be paired with any outfit and are weather appropriate as well.

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This is an understated accessory that is often overlooked in styling but adds subtly to a look and has functional purpose. This one also comes in handy especially to adjust the waist of your pants.

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Another important piece of accessory that keeps you money, licenses and cards secure and organized at one place is wallet.

There are long wallets for travelling to hold passport, cash and multiple cards at one place and slim minimal options are for ones who just carry fewer cards and cash. And people who prefer to go cashless can get their hands on cardholders which not only look sleek and stylish to complement your look but also keep you cards safe. 

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Now here is another important piece that adds instant flair to the look but is also very important for eyes protection form harmful ultraviolet radiation. Besides there are different frame styles like round frames, wayfarers and aviators to pick from according to your choice.  

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Besides these, what Accessories men can wear?

And there are accessories that not everyone find necessary to have but certainly can be used to give a statement look. Ties, bowties and Scarves to cover the neck and add some texture to the look, cufflinks, Pocket squares, Lapel pins, brooches for some extra formality for certain occasions and Gloves, Hats and beanies, provide protection from weather extremities if chosen appropriately.

Little stuff like bracelets, rings or neck pieces can also add an extra layer of detail to an otherwise simple look, but try going for less flashy options. The key is to pick accessories that add subtle complement to your look, with creating distraction from the personality.  

Overall, “Latest Trends” is the primary reason numerous changes in men’s fashion and accessories have been observed. And then there is cultural and traditional impact to it as well. As we say, styling preferences should be a subjective process and trends in fashion should be taken as a little guide what to choose from, and rest, let your personality shine.

How to Allocate Budget for Accessories?

Budgeting can be a subjective process according to one’s need and style inclinations. Some research would be required for the varieties available to curate a well-rounded collection of accessories with loosing unnecessary cents.    

First determine what items you need according to your lifestyle especially work and then set a budget. For example if you work in a formal environment, dress shoes and a formal watch would suit your requirement. Similarly, if you work requires you to travel a lot, a durable and spacious bag is what you need most.

Now, having identified with the accessories you need, wise budgeting would require you to invest in quality accessories for once that give value for a long run.

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