Style Icons, Who are the Best Dressed Men of February 2023 across the globe

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Dressing well is an art and if you have become skilled at this art, you are definitely worth a mention.

There is a notion that men usually choose to keep it safe when it comes to dressing themselves. But this cannot be deemed true of all of them. There are men who are not only born with an innate sense of style, they also make an effort to look they best turned out they possibly can.

There is no denying of the fact that style and fashion are subjective, but if you feel good and comfortable the way that you carry yourself definitely translates into an appreciably suave and best dressed man.

Last month has been particular in that sense. As Awards season is going on, celebrities from all over the World are making sure to have it right and flaunt it right there. It is no more about tuxedos and suits, men now certainly know how to make bold and unconventional work. From Award ceremonies’ red carpet to movie premiers, there is no place left where there is no dazzle of stars shining bright.

Here is our short but IMPRESSIVE list of Best Dressed Men from last month who made sure to dress to the best of their fashion insight and managed to captivate us with their appearances.

Austin Butler:

The much loved star of the season, Austin Butler, who is sweeping off accolades left, right and centre for his stellar act as the Iconic Elvis Presley in biographical drama “Elvis”.

But his performance in the movie is not the only thing that has engrossed audience. He is making sure to let onlookers droll over his looks whenever he appears and not for just his acting powers.

Austin looked illuminous at this year’s addition of Screen Actors Guild Awards in a beautiful shade of red with a black bow and there is nothing to complain about.

Keep coming more of these looks Austin !!


We are all there for head scarves, and if it for someone as appealing as Maluma, it’s even better. He dropped this look on Instagram celebrating the success of his single “La Fórmula.” The Colombian singer never misses chances to make his fans swoon over his looks. And this look is serving the purpose.

Justin Bieber:

Is it possible to look this alluring with as less hassle as sporting a white tank and trousers? Well Justin Bieber has proved that you can never go wrong when it comes to a white tank top. Just titivate it with red shades and an inverted cap and let you charm do the rest, even with a hassle free look.

One of the best-selling music artists of this time, the “Where Are Ü Now” singer shared a photo on Instagram with Hailey Bieber, and it is too good looking to be missed from this mention.

Adam DiMarco:

The Canadian Actor acknowledged for his acting roles in “The White Lotus”, and “Pillow Talk” made sure to grasp everyone’s attention at the recently held Screen Actors Guild Awards 2023. The star was spotted wearing a black tuxedo by Dior with a bow tie styled by Monty Jackson. It was graciously good looking and gentlemanly.


The Italian musician Alessandro Mahmoud aka Mahmood who has become prominent in the music industry after “The X Factor (Italian Version)” is letting you see through his style.

Looking too hot to ignore in this sheer black cardigan with white tank beneath, and not to miss golden dental crown, he does make a statement.

Alejandro Speitzer:

The entrancing Alejandro with his exotic looks is one of the finest turned out celebrities. He just has to wear it; the rest will be taken care of by his charm. The Mexican Icon donned this look from Fendi FW23 collection at the premier of Amazon Prime’s “La cabeza de Joaquín Murrieta”, styled by Victor Blanco.

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