How Machine Gun Kelly is Unleashing the Art of exercising nonconforming Fashion

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Image Courtesy: Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram Handle

But that’s one perspective to all of this. Public figures specially who work in entertainment industry where on one side relish enriching and dedicated love of their fan following, the other sides comes with a little repellent taste, where they are heavily scrutinized for everything they do, even in personal capacity.  

Although the plethora of avenues that are out there and let everyone offer their views publicly has made accessibility easier than ever, the suffocation that comes with this judgmental behavior and inessentials opinions is also growing every day. Now it is becoming exhausting to express choices or even express one’s self even in personal domain.   

Introspection should only be exercised for personal growth. You can improve and evolve in life if you only focus on what you do rather than what others are doing. Spread kindness, it will be reciprocated back to you.  

For the record, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) aka Colson Baker is an American rapper, singer, and occasional actor. Born in 1990, got exposed to massive public admiration with his debut studio album Lace Up” (2012), that was followed by albums “General Admission” (2015), “Bloom” (2017, that included “Bad Things” in collaboration with  Camila Cabello) and “Hotel Diablo” (2019). Besides that, you must have seen him act in Beyond the Lights (2014) and The Dirt (both 2019) to name a couple.

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