Wrist Watch: How to get the Right Watch for Discerning Men

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Wrist Watch is one accessory that has remained indispensable in the scene of men’s fashion for as long as we can remember.  A statement piece in styling, it ticks both boxes of symbolizing stature and serving a rational purpose that is keeping informed with time.

Also for any event, a wrist watch has always been the first pick as a gift for men because of its practicality and aesthetic appeal, and no men to refuse to own one.

Although with changing times, the functional aspect of wrist watch that is telling time has been taken over by smart phones, but nothing can take over the elegance that is added to one’s personality with the incorporation of a sophisticated wrist watch.

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Watches over the years:

The journey of a classic time piece on the wrist of a man has come a long way. Now it is not just a watch, the derivatives like smart fitness watches have also come out.

Now watches are not only worn to stay updated with time, but are also serving the purpose of tracking your movement, your pulse rate, your workouts and even taking calls if connected with phones. And with addition of these features to a watch, preferences of younger generations have definitely shifted to the high tech ones.

But the market for a traditional statement wrist watch very much exists and probably will always be there. Some gentlemen still prefer to own a timepiece to embody a classic, timeless look for its matchless grace.  

Importance of a Wrist Watch:

You can have as many clothes and shoes as you want but a statement watch will not only complement any of your outfit but also enhances style and personality. And in professional world, a wrist watch is also an indication of professional etiquette in a person.

Watch, an Investment:

Not many give it a thought, but a wrist watch can be a great investment. Luxury brands that are known to create timeless pieces have curated many limited edition watches that have acquired vintage status over time and become priceless.

The craftsmanship of luxury watches and sophisticated designs of high end brands like Rolex, Cartier, TAG Heuer and Omega have always been considered a sign of luxury. Also a timeless watch can be an exclusive statement piece to be passed down to generations watch lasts practically forever.   

What to look for in watch before getting one:

There are several dynamics to it. Though it is a personal process but a little advice is always supportive. Choosing a watch for either you or for someone else, remember not to get carried away with the look of it so much that practical aspects get overlooked.


Durability is a must, though budget is a significant factor to consider while picking a watch but if a watch is not durable to serves you in longevity, there is no point of wasting money on something worthless. 

Personal Style:

Consider personal style while choosing a watch. There are several choices like digital, analog, metal strap, leather, colorful straps or even smart watches to pick from. From classic pieces to modern and trendy ones, think through your fashion preferences and lifestyle and then pick one.


Whether you wear a watch on a regular basis or just wear it on certain occasion, if you work in doors or your watch needs to water resistant for outdoor activities, all these practicalities should be kept in mind before spending your fortune on it.

And lastly, not only for this matter, but before buying anything, do a little bit of research and read reviews of customers of their experiences before devoting your riches on it.

Maintenance Tips:

A great watch needs great care. Starting with the obvious that is clean away any dirt and dust that comes with its usage but certainly not by sinking it in a liquid cleaner, even if it says “Waterproof.” There is no need to test this claim.

Be mindful of the crown while winding automatic ones and always take your watch off the wrist before winding. Keep service in check and you will have a timeless accessory for life with you.

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