Men’s Grooming, 5 Tips to get Recognised as a Well Groomed Man

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Grooming is important.

Men’s Grooming Checklist:

Brush your teeth after every meal.

Now let’s be honest here. How many of you brush your teeth after every meal? Surely not many hands are raised here. But this is the worst you are doing to your oral hygiene and your personality as well.

After we eat something, it is most definite that some food particles get stuck between the spaces of teeth. And those if not removed and cleaned properly, decay and cause bad odour.  Also over the time it may cause abscess and infection which will then require detailed attention.

So, it’s best to be responsible in time and brush teeth after every meal. Also, keep some mints in case you feel your last meal is savouring your taste buds even after finishing meal. It will certainly be a favour from you to not only yourself but also on the person who gets to sit close to you and listen to what you have to say to them.

Smell Clean and Nice

When we speak about grooming, another favour from your side for mutual goodness for yourself and people around you, smelling nice. It will first and foremost make you feel good and will make people around you feel comfortable.

Imagine spending hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars on looking good by spending on clothes and shoes when you turn up at an event but as soon as you come close to people, they realise you are stinking. This will ruin the impression of every effort that you might have made on your looks.

Now this does not mean dousing yourself with sharp fragranced perfumes. It requires you to take showers regularly and use a basic deodorant to stay fresh.

Even if someone is not in a position to say this upfront that you smell like you have no access to water and soap, it is surly a moral responsibility of yours to avoid being a pain in the (nose in this case) and smell nice.

Full body cleanse is important

This is a little more than your regular daily showers. A full body cleanse will need your attention at parts which you usually ignore for no particular reason.

Area’s where moisture can retain special attention. Under arms, groin, and especially between fingers of your feet, you must make sure that you regularly clean and dry afterwards these parts and use some scrubber (of course gentle) if required to maintain hygiene.

Another extension to this is regular underarms and under shave. Sweat can trap between hair and these areas are anyways covered so there is not much room for air.

Keep your head clean. Hair oil massages are good for your head and relaxing too, but keep these for your free time. Meeting someone with oil in your hair will spread odour which won’t leave a pleasant impression. 

One important tip, trim your nose hair, specially the visible ones. Those if not trimmed look really disgusting and if noticed, won’t leave a very good impression either.  

And lastly, as you all know it won’t take longer to notice your hands and feet (if you are wearing open shoes) when you meet someone. So, for both neatness and orderliness, REGULARLY cut your nails.  

Now this is what we call a full body skin cleanse.

Wear appropriate but comfortable clothing.

Adjusting your clothes unremittingly in front of someone is quite an unethical habit. It makes person talking to you uncomfortable as well.

And uncomfortable shoes will not only cause bruises but also affect your walk. So, a comfortable shoe is a must.

And the most important…

Work on your language. Try to plan your meetings in a way that you don’t have to rush the last moment. This will impact the temperament of your entire engagements.

Walk in a moderate speed, not too fast, not too slow. The same applies for your verbal communication. Don’t speak too fast that people end up misunderstanding you or too slow that may make them sleep.

Never speak in a monotone. Use proper voice intonation. Appropriate rise and fall in voice makes conversation effective.

Use gestures through hands, it shows you are sure of what you are saying and also you are interested in the conversation. Also, maintain a subtle smile, it makes others feel welcome and connected.

And you definitely do not want to miss making others feel good. It is a vibe.

Remember, a well groomed and well behaved man is a well appreciated man. 

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