Six Types of Jeans Cut For Men To Satiate Their Fashion Craving in 2023 | How do you Dress Jeans

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A pair of blue jeans is a must in almost every man’s closet. A versatile and durable staple to dress up or down, blue jeans is the safest bet to comfortably look sharp.

Traditionally seen as a cowboy’s work wear, blue jeans have now become probably the most worn staple where men’s fashion is concerned and is available in a wide range of washes and cuts.  

A perfect fit for any season and any occasion, one valid reason for the popularity of jeans is its capacity to get along with anything it is paired with and the this quality and admiration that comes with it is unlikely to diminish any time soon.  

Tailored popularly with denim fabric, there is a range of jeans you can get your hands on from classic to trendy. Here are six most loved cuts of jeans mostly chosen by men and here is how most young men would like to style them with different tops to put up a stylish look.  

Slim Fit Jeans:

Slim fit jeans are to begin with. Fitted on the thighs side, these are typically made with stretched denim. The choice of fabric is for the sake of comfort because of the type of tight cut. Slim fit jeans can be fitted with a button up shirt and a pair of sneakers to put up a casual look.

Skinny Jeans:

Skinny jeans have a slightly tighter fit than slim fit jeans. Some of its variants are tapered from the knee side or on the ankle. Usually picked by younger men, this type can also be paired with a tee shirt and a pair of sneakers.

Bootcut Jeans:

This type of jeans has a flared led opening. The purpose is to keep space to accommodate boots. The fit here is looser in the thighs area. These are mostly preferred in winters to be easily worn with winter boots. Choice of top is usually a loose tee and a jacket.  

Straight Leg Jeans:

A pair of jeans with a relaxed fit through the thigh and leg area, this type is straight from knee down. The best part is that this is a classic style that can be teamed up with almost everything. Any casual type of top and shoes especially loafers and you are good to look like a fashionable men.   

Raw Denim Jeans:

Men who appreciate the  distinctiveness of raw denim fabric prefer to get their hands this type. These are untreated jeans which are usually not rinsed after getting dyed. A plain shirt and a pair of sturdy boots is all you need to make it look great on you.  

Distressed Jeans:

Distressed jeans, distressed by choice to give a worn in look. Young men who are more on edgier side of fashion favor this jeans type to pair it up with graphic tee shirt or denim jackets and boots. The look is popularly known as “Denim on Denim.”   

These types of jeans are what some of the most fashionable young men are choosing to keep in their wardrobes now. But remember to prefer your personal preferences and choices while picking up clothes and styling them. You are unique and you can look good if you feel good and confident.

And Jeans is anyways one of the most versatile piece of clothing that has the ability to fit timelessly in your wardrobe and looks. This is just a basic manual on most trending jeans and some inspiration in case you were wondering, rest create you looks and feel good about it.      

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